Advanced Instruments are accredited service agents for the Mocom, Melag, Stern Weber and SciCan brands of autoclaves.

Our technical team are all manufacturer trained and qualified to ensure you not only receive a premium service but also achieve the very best performance from your machine. Combined with our quality Validation and Calibration services, your surgery is able to meet the strict standards required for modern sterilisation practices.

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Validation basics for Benchtop Sterilisers.

Please note that the below information is an abbreviated overview of the Validation process for benchtop sterilisers as described in AS4815:2006. For full detail please refer to AS4815:2006.

As service providers within the medical industry we all have a duty of care to our clients or patients. One of the items within this realm is infection control and the importance of a well functioning autoclave.

From a service company perspective this includes the maintenance and performance testing of autoclaves often referred to as Validation and Calibration.

Both the Validation (PQ) and Calibration (OQ) tests are mandatory as per AS 4815:2006 and are required to be carried annually.

Validation is often referred to as PQ or Performance Qualification is a mandatory requirement as per Australian Standards AS4815:2006.  This standard has been introduced to ensure that Autoclaves meet the Installation and Performance criteria. As part of this testing, a Physical Qualification is carried out with a full load to check that the Autoclave performs in a real world scenario. Physical Qualification procedure requires the use of certified thermocouples to be placed within a loaded steriliser filled with a challenge load. Thermocouples are placed in the challenge pack (which is placed in the coldest part of the chamber) and along side the steriliser temp probe. This test allows the technician to monitor and confirm that the steriliser temperatures and pressures are true during the process. It also enables the technician to monitor the heat penetration time within the challenge pack

5: Microbiological Qualification. By use of Biological/enzymatic Indicators, placed in the challenge load as described above allows microbiological lethality to be proven.

Calibration Testing, often referred to as Operational Qualification (OQ) is designed to demonstrate that the steriliser is operating within specification and that the temperatures, pressures and duration time of cycle is true.

Servicing, Maintenance servicing, although not a mandatory requirement this service still plays an important role in the correct function of the Autoclave. Periodic servicing including the cleaning, lubricating and function testing of critical components minimises the risk of premature failure of many costly components1: and ensures a good service life from your machine.





Water Filtration

Leak Detector - easy to use, hassle free and EFFECTIVE
USA Manufactured housings - arguably world's best SECURITY UPGRADED TRANSFORMER - electrics Australian designed.

The NEW AquaClave Mark 3 remains a multi-stage system relying on five processes to deliver water to steam sterilisation equipment. The new model includes the automatic flushing system PLUS a leak detector, American housings and an improved power supply!

Meticulous attention to all stages of processes of the water includes 1 micron sediment removal and selection of the granular activated carbon specification.

Reverse Osmosis - The reverse osmosis low production AquaClave membrane is engineered to produce exceptionally high quality in the most challenging water quality environment. To monitor performance a Total Dissolved Solids meter is supplied as part of the product.

The two stage polishing system will remove remaining organic and non-organic residues thereby finishing the water to meet all autoclave operating standards.

Commercial Advantages - The availability of this high quality water ON TAP avoids the purchasing of bottled distilled water, avoids storage challenges, minimises autoclave maintenance costs and reduces the damage to instruments from tap water rinsing makes buying an AquaClave Mark 3 an intelligent decision.


Rental Autoclaves

We understand the importance of keeping your surgery running. As a result of customers requests we have a comprehensive stock of rental Autoclaves available to keep your surgery operating. Please call our office for details.

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